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Aft: toward or near the stern.
Beam: width of a hull.
Bilge: curved section between the bottom and the side of the hull.
Bilge Keel: a longitudinal fin fitted to the outside of a boat at the turn of the bilge.
Block Coefficient: a hull form coefficient that is the ratio of underwater volume of a boat to the volume of a
                   rectangular block, the dimensions of which are the effective length, draft, and beam.
Bow: the forward end of a boat.
Bulkhead: vertical wall which divides the boat.
Centerline: the middle vertical plane of a boat, extending from the bow to the stern.
Chine: the angle running the length of a boat where two planks meet.
Coaming: vertical plating bounding a hatch for the purpose of stiffening the edges of the opening.
Deck: platform in a boat that corresponds to a floor in a house.
Depth: vertical distance from waterline to the bottom of the boat’s hull.
Displacement: equal to the weight of water displaced by the boat at its greatest allowable draft.
Draft: the depth of the boat below the waterline measured vertically to the lowest part of the hull.
Forward: toward or near the bow.
Freeboard: the vertical distance from the lowest point on the gunwale to the waterline.
Gunwale: structural supports along the sheer of a boat.
Hard-chine: a hull style with two chines and a keel.
Hull: the structural body of a ship, including shell, framing, decks, bulkheads, etc.
Keel: the principal fore-and-aft component of a ship’s framing, located along the centerline of the bottom hull.
Length Over All (LOA): the extreme length of a boat measured from the foremost point of the forward stem
                   to the aftermost part of the stern.
Maximum Section Coefficient: a hull form coefficient that is the ratio of the maximum cross section area to
                   the area formed by a rectangle, the dimensions of which are the maximum beam and depth.
Port Side: the left hand side of the boat when looking forward.
Rocker: the curvature along the boat’s centerline.
Sheer: the longitudinal curve of a boat’s top edge of the hull.
Stability: the tendency of a ship to remain upright or the ability to return to her normal upright position when
                   listed by the action of waves, wind, etc.
Starboard Side: the right hand side of the boat when looking forward.
Stem (bow): the bow frame forming the apex of the intersection of the forward sides of a boat.
Stern: the aft end of a boat.
Tumblehome: when the sheer line beam is narrower than the maximum beam.
Waterline: plane where the water touches the hull at a given loading.

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